Volunteering as a vMentor

The Knowledge Portal is powered by the Internet which is the world's largest library of videos, documents, photos, books, etc. on Earth. The Internet stores over a Trillion pages of information on, virtually, any subject but surfing through all these pages to find the best video, report, or photo on a particular subject can be a very difficult task. Especially, if for a child. It is our Guides that lead the Hopefuls to the best content on the Internet.

We have automated the entire recommendation process for the Knowledge and Entertainment Portals. Once a Guide has located a website, photo, video, or a book that they would like to recommend, it will only takes 10 minutes to complete the entire recommendation process including the rating of the item. Once the Guides recommendation has been submitted, it takes 24-72 hours to pass through our review process and appear within the Knowledge and Entertainment Portals and or receive a response. Guides receive acknowledgment and recognition for having recommended an item of content. Once a guides recommendation is approved, their name and item-rating then appears on the item of content and they also receive Hope-Points.

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