There are lots of ways to get involved with HopeNet. You can become a Sponsor or you can become an Online-Volunteer.


As a sponsor, you can XXXXXX. To learn more about sponsoring a child, click here.


HopeNet has many different ways that you can become involved as an Online-Volunteer. We have volunteer positions available that can, virtually, fit any schedule regardless of whether you only have 20 minutes or 2 hours a day available. HopeNet is in need of online Guides, Tutors, Mentors, Editors, Monitors, and Advocate.

Guides: As a Guide, you will help us search the Internet and recommend contents for our Knowledge Portal such as websites, photos, online books/reports, and videos. To learn more about becoming a HopeNet- Guide, click here.

Tutors: We are currently searching for Tutors for our Instant - Tutoring program and in the near future, we will be seeking Tutors for our Private Tutoring program. Through our Instant - Tutoring program, children can ask questions on, virtually, any subject related to their studies. To learn more about the HopeNet- Tutoring program, click here.

Mentors: The HopeNet - Mentoring program will provide children to caring adults who can XXXXX. We have not yet begun the program but we expect it to start in the summer of 2010. To learn more about our HopeNet- Mentoring program, click here.

Editors: The goal of the HopeNet - Knowledge Portal is to become the world's best library of online content. The role of an Editor is th help us ensure the quality control of our Knowledge Portal. As an Editor, you will us filter and verify the quality of the content that is being recommended by our Guides. The content that you will validate includes websites, photos, videos, and online books/reports. To learn more on becoming an Editor, click here.

Monitors: HopeNet is powered by the Acts of Kindness and Good Deeds of our Children and adult Volunteers and Sponsors. To protect the children and the integrity of our programs, we need volunteers to spot check our various programs. To learn more on becoming a Monitor, click here.

Advocates: We are also searching for volunteers who can spread the good news about HopeNet and introduce us children who need our services and who can make time to help a child. To learn more about the HopeNet - Advocacy program, click here.

Administrators: Administrators are the fail-safe mechanism for HopeNet to make sure all programs are running smoothly and safely for the children. There are numerous roles for Administrators which , primarily, involve the oversight of the activities performed by the Children, Volunteers, and Sponsors. For example: Administrators review and approve/decline the posting of the Knowledge Portal content being recommended/edited by Guides and Editors. To learn more about becoming an Administrator, click here.