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So that we may beat our swords into plowshares

Hope Street Association is a non profit non stock association based in the Philippines. Our purpose is to establish a collaborative, worldwide youth-network for peace, by fueling a global citizens movement for knowledge and hope. The umbrella organization for our humanitarian services is a cooperative called Hope Street also known as the 1st Hope Corps. We are currently piloting our programs in the Philippines through the Hope Street Association.

Hope Street consists of both real and virtual (cyber) world facilities, and they are primarily designed for the use of our children, know as the Hopefuls, but the results are intended to benefit all of mankind. Hope Street is designed to merge the virtual world with the real world to provide the Hopeful's with the optimum learning, growing and life skills experience.

Our real world facilities are referred to as Hope Cybraries and our virtual world facilities are referred to as HopeNet. All of our programs are free of charge and designed to be used by children beginning when they are 7 - 12 years old. We are launching in the "Developing World", although we believe that our HopeNet software will also be equally useful to children in the "Developed World". The Hope Cybraries serve as knowledge, values, life skills and livelihood centers for the Hopefuls. Our HopeNet software is the worlds first: collaborative, immersive, multi purpose, web-based, knowledge platform, for children delivered in 42 languages.

In cooperation with the Department of Education in Makati, Philippines we are setting up Hope Cybraries and trialing our HopeNet software platform in selected Makati elementary schools. Presently we have one cybrary already operating in Maximo Estrella Elementery School, and we are setting up two more cybraries in Magsaysay and Benitez elementary schools. In 2012 we shall setup cybraries in all 28 Makati elementary schools, and thereafter we shall expand our reach to schools throughout Manila and beyond, including libraries and qualified Internet cafe's. By 2013 we shall begin extending our reach globally, and begin opening branches China, Iraq, Gaza, India and other areas around the world..

Volunteerism and collaboration is the key factor in the success of Humanitarian Service Organizations, but in the vast majority of cases, volunteerism is a local proposition and is restricted to the volunteer and the charity being at the same physical location. However, through the Internet, HopeNet has found a way to make volunteerism truly global. HopeNet has built its platform from the ground up to be able to harness the enormous time and talents of the global volunteer community, so that regardless of their physical location they can volunteer online from the comfort of their homes, office or even their local coffee shop.

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